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Uniform Sizing Guide

We have some samples size in store. If we don’t have the style you required, you can purchase and do a return  with fee (refer to RETURN POLICY) or,

·         Most of the time, we recommend you to refer to size chart, especially when a lot of staff involved. Please bear in mind the size chart is base on chest size at average body, please take into consideration for other reasons that might affect choosing a size such as pregnancy.

·         How to measure base on size chart:

·         Lay down your favorite sizing of your current top, and measure it 1 inch under armpit. Compare with our size chart and choose the size base on your measurement.

·         Size charts are always available online or on request for each item, measurements are in CM unless specified otherwise and are generally a half chest measurement of the garment unless specified. Sizing guides provide information and assistance on how to size garments and interpret size charts. 

·         1. Find an equivalent style garment (example: if you are going to order T-shirts, use your current comfortable T-shirt as a measurement)

·         2. Lay the garment out flat and measure from side to side 1-2 cm below the join under the arm

·         3. This will provide you with the half chest measurement

·         4. Compare to the corresponding size guides in the relevant catalogues and find the measurement that is closet to yours

·         It is always better to go slightly bigger to fit your size

·         When placing an order is it accepted that the customer has checked the provided sizing charts and measured accordingly. As brands and sizes differ nationally with all leading Uniform brands, it is essential that a size is not assumed due to manufacturing differences in style, shape and fit. The size chart should be treating as a guideline; actual garment in occasion might be slightly different from size chart. 1 cm different is consider in the acceptance range. You can request to try the garment before we embroider.

·         Differences shown in garment length on models to individuals can differ. Length of a garment on the body is dependent on the height of the individual.

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