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Decoration - Embroidery, Screen Printing

Embroidery -

We offer a range of methods to apply your artwork to your chosen garment. The most popular method requested is embroidery.

Embroidery is a method of applying your artwork or logo using stitches.  Embroidery looks best with smaller area of application.  It very durable and lasting compare with other decoration.

The price of an embroidery is based on the total number of stitches used in the artwork and complexity of the logo.


Screen Printing -

As the name suggests this is an ink based print application applied directly to your garment

The price of screen printing is based solely on the number of colours in the artwork and quantity. It is suitable for large area printing and larger quantity.


Plastisol Printing - 

Something like screen printing, but with smooth surface instead of rough surface. Looks good on sports tops. These provide a fine detail print.


Digital Transfer -  

Looking for sport’s name and numbering? We can customize individual player’s names and numbering with competitive prices. No minimum order for name and numbering.

Or are you wondering where to get team uniform with full colour sponsorship logo? Digital transfer can do it all for you.


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